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The Newborn Dawn


For many the threat of the comet Elenin was merely 2012 mania. The Earth had had many comets pass close by but measured in hundreds of thousands of miles. While Elenin did not impact the earth directly; the planet found itself passing through her wake.

The planet bathed in cosmic radiation; her electromagnetic field ripped and torn and her body pummeled by the trailing debris. To this day, Elenin’s shards permeate her skin.

For two weeks the planet recoiled in agony. Seas rose and fell in titanic volumes; volcanic ash blackened the sky as fiery shards reminding all of Elenin’s passing rained death from the heavens.


The EMP disruptions made the earth feel as though time had stopped as the world fell into blackness. Whole cities became graves.

Mankind survived the catastrophe but changed. More fearful of the cosmos, more fearful of the night, the rioting and looting of the dark days brought out something a little more primal within mankind. It defined who was truly predatory and who was prey. What man would do to survive was darker than anything within the history books.

Elenin good orbit map1

Science lost their faith overnight; trust in the calculations and logic which founded their religion was shattered like the Earth’s crust; after all some of the most brilliant minds and powerful systems predicted the passing without dramatic effect. Within that shudder something awoke within the dark reaches of the world; just on the otherside of the veil. Arcane powers which had been imprisoned by the chains of science found their bonds weak enough to break and once again walk upon Gaia.

Demons, spectres, saints and seraphim no longer found the Earth shielded by logic.

Many of the changes were not simply without; radiation and dark matter gathered across the far reaches of space bathed not only the planet but the human genome. The early changes were horrific as a whole generation died grotesquely deformed, dragging mothers into crypts of bloody pain.

However, some of these newly born survive; adapting to the change; awakening to new found abilities and powers. Open to the sibilant whispers of demons, echos of the past or future portents; basking in the chorus of angels.

Yet regardless of their gifts and how they use them, “newborn”, “starborn”, “bloodbirths”, “W-type”, “Wilds” or “Elenins” are feared. Mankind has changed. Like Prometheus these newborn bring a new fire to light the dawn. However darkness lies beyond the reach of flame.


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