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A Murder of Crows

Morhrívë’s left hand toyed idly with a sleek black feather, while his right gently swirled a goblet of French pinot noir, the dark ruby liquid almost a match for the feather in color. The wine was no equal to the fine fae libation he had shared with the satyr of the House of Saffron Sages, but it would serve for the nonce. The feather, on the other hand, had a much more ominous implication. It was a spoil, a prize taken from the body of one of the Raven Guard, assassins and mercenaries of the Unseelie Court.

Tossing the feather onto the table, he reclined in his leather seat and sighed. It had been long since he had crossed blades with the Unseelie, as long ago as Mag Tuireadh, when the Autumn Court had made alliance with the Sidhe of Summer against the dark fae. It was a battle of the old world, one that mortals knew only through legend and tale. Last night, though, he, Night Fletcher, and Mindtwister had fought four of the Raven Guard.

They were fools to face us. Raven Guard, pah. They are carrion birds and I am a king raven — how dare they take up arms against one such as I?

The motivation for their daring was plain — Queen Mab herself had put a bounty on their heads, or so they had said, and they had come to collect. Instead, they had found only death. Still, a bounty from Queen Mab was no small thing. Morhrívë’s eyes narrowed slightly as he recalled the assault on his sister he had witnessed through the portal in the basement, a hint of crimson creeping into their dark blue.

First Kraehe, now this. Is it war the Unseelie want? Another Mag Tuireadh? Perhaps vengeance? Or perhaps something simpler than all that.

He closed his eyes, remembering Kraehe’s words.

The doors are opening, brother. A wizard is born again into the mortal world. You must help him. Please, if ever you esteemed your blood as a prince of House Helraumo, help him. Help us.

A gulp of wine followed.

Dear sister. We are one blood, but we were never, how is it the mortals put it? Birds of a feather. No, you always had a mind for the future and the conduct of great things. It was fit that you inherited suzerainty of our house, while I flew free, lord only of storms and myself.

A second gulp of wine chased the first.

Princess Kraehe’s intentions for the doors was benevolent, he was sure. To open the portals, to reestablish the long lost treaties with the mortal world, to guide men in the wake of the great comet Elenin, that was her purpose. But as to Queen Mab’s intentions, who could say? When questioned, the satyr and even the great bridge troll had been furtive, fearful of any mention of the Unseelie. A door to the world of men might be only a door to conquest and dominion in the eyes of the Black Queen. Perhaps it was a simple as that.

Yet, the mortal world was not without it’s protectors. Night Fletcher was newly come into his strength, but he had already mastered the power of Valacirca, the great bow that bent the heavens. Whether by accident or thievery, Mindtwister had found and unlocked the secrets of Kor-Nolwe, the ring of power thought long lost. Last, locked in the darkness of Morhrívë’s winter seeming, was Osse Helraumo, the Rod of Blackwinter. Wielders of God-Treasures such as these were no mean foes to be threatened by the carrion birds and scrap-pickers of the Unseelie Court.

Their path was set now, by knowledge gained and favors owed. They had discovered the existence of the Black Brothers, fallen druids that swore fealty to the Unseelie. Morhrívë had traded a gift of knowledge for a promise of another to the satyr of Saffron Sages, and an oath to speak in favor of Ogryn, the ossuary troll. All they had to do now was to find the courage to walk the path to its end.

Rising from his recline, Morhrívë crossed to one of the windows of the orphanage and threw it open, savoring the blast of night air. As he leaned on the frame, delicate patterns of hoarfrost began to creep across the glass panes.

Perhaps a crow’s eyes will see what a man’s cannot.

A blaze of black feathers swirled about Morhrívë as he cast away his aspect of spring and took his aspect of autumn. In place of the fae lord was a great black bird, the Stormcrow Suzerain. With a harsh caw, it took flight into the dark.

SITREP: 0a120012

SITREP: 0a120012
Subj: Occurrence in Sector 43a

1. Disturbance reported my local police force (Recording #12a145).
2. Police reported cannibalism and “strange creatures” swarming the area. They open fire in self defense. TAC TEAM 1 was dispatched at this point. NOTE: TAC TEAM failed to beat FBI to scene and had to abort.
3. EPs were sited in follow-up reports.
___a. EP Blackwolf (File EP14567)
___b. EP Kinetic(File EP14568)
___c. EP Mass Effect(File EP14569)
4. Unclear intent as camera’s show multiple attacks on bystanders. QUERY: Get street camera footage
5. The new “Team” appeared after some objective in the old Chinese restaurant (Photo: 12a). Confirmed reports of EP blasting or shooting holes in the building to gain entry. At one point they were held or tharted by “unseen forces”.
6. Shortly after EP’s entered restaurant the area returned to norm state.
7. FBI arrived unseen to cart away EP13543 (See PSI file). Noted second appearance of agent Reeves on scene of EP excursion.

1. Execute full monitoring of EP Team. Request satellite and tech team resources.
2. Query Agent Reeves file

Are you F'n kidding me

Blackwolf’s TACCOM erupts in a cacophony of strange reports.

“Dispatch, Unit 57 208 in progress, 1 male suspect down request EMS

“This is Dispatch, 10-99”


“Son of … Dispatch this is 57, 57 has 18 in progress. White van, male driver exiting..”

“Sir remain in your vehicle.. oh my god what are you doing.. "

Gunshots, at least 5 tear across the airwaves.

“Dispatch they are coming out of the walls…< more gunshots are heard>”


Blackwolf and Mass looking across at each other realize something more is occuring and race to the car.

Enroute they pass a corner liquor store only to see a young mother walking past have her child ripped from her arms and held as threat to the cashier.

The heroes in an instant decision turn and squeal to a stop. Mass Affect phases from the driver seat into the building. The cashier held as shield looks down to see Mass’ fist pass through his chest. The young thug is slammed backwards into the wall with a sickening crunch.

The front doors crash to the round, raining glass, as the punk holding the child fires a salvo of shells in response to Blackwolfs demands to release the infant. Without a moments hesitation Blackwolf leaps forward disarming him of the child and a staccato of fire sends the young man dancing backwards into the counter; blood erupting from his lips and a fissure opening in his bare chest.

The third felon falls to his knees, with tear streaming down his face begging for mercy.

The duo departs quickly after returning the babe and calming the cashier.

Leaving the store they call the Professor and tell him they are headed to Chinatown; the lone voice of the dispatch can be heard calling for Unit 57 with no response.

Arriving at the scene the heroes are witness to carnage more befitting a saturday afternoon zombie movie. People locked in feral embrace tearing at each other; other civilians beating a bloody mass lying helpless on the ground; and 2 lone officers shooting everyone around them.

Kinetic, having established a telepathic link with his companions, reaches out with his mind trying to find the source of the chaos. His mental shield flashes briefly and then his eyes open;

Small feral beasts stalk the rooftops and windows; people charging the trio face split in twain offering a razored scream of hunger. A police officer, blood streaming out of him like serpents, fires at Kinetic striking him in the abdomen before his shield flares to life. Blood falls from the hovering hero.

Each hero falls into his own nightmare as they battle closer to the center of the source; a small abandoned restaraunt on the corner. The professors mental defenses permit him brief moments of lucidity showing a young raven haired female strapped to a gurney within, but then he is overwhelmed by the horrific visions like a pebble on a beach amidst a storm struck tide.

“Ignore what you see. Get to the restaurant,” he screams across the link.

One by one the heroes begin to succumb to the delerium and the nightmare images only to find what appears to be some form of sick experiment. The young female is riddled with fluid-filled cabling, amidst fallen scientists who seems lost in a dark dream.

Aware of the heroes presence her subconcious begins lashing out with pure psychic force and drops the Professor to his knees. Blackwolf, debating their ability to save the woman, fires a shot in frustration attempting to turn off the infernal machine as dark corpses close in around them.

Instantly, everything shifts. Amidst a pounding pain behind the eyes the view around them softens to the aged and abandoned kitchen.

While Blackwolf renders aid a midst the sirens of life support equipment. Agent Reeves is called and warned of their findings.

“Ill be there in 3 minutes, however, OTHERS are with me.. do not be there when we arrive.”

The heroes leave the battleground mentally and physically drained and rush the Professor to the South Side Clinic.


All (4) Standard, Difficulty, Roleplay, Success

Big Bad Wolf (24 JUL)
The Blackwolf Weblog!

Ok, bitches, round two of the blog!

I want to take the time to dispel two common myths about my boy:

1. Blackwolf is just some vigilante killer.
2. Blackwolf is some lone wolf freak with no friends.

Point 1: WRONG. I shouldn’t even have to discuss this, the shit is all over the news. Just google “Cameron Industries Fire” and you can see it yourself. Big fire, explosions, people trapped in buildings while the firefighters do their damnedest to help, but they can’t beat back the blaze.

Who should show up but my boy Blackwolf, blowing fucking holes in the building and dragging people out one by one to safety and giving first aid to the victims. You heard like 10 or 12 people were saved? Yeah, by Blackwolf, not by the popos.

Point 2: WRONG. This wolf runs with a pack. After pulling all these folks to safety, Blackwolf runs out, puts a hole in a watertower with his damn .50 Beowulf, and some badass in a a black and purple suit shows up and SNATCHES THE FUCKING WATER OUT OF THIN AIR WITH HIS MIND OR SOME SHIT and dumps it on the fire. Boom, fire out.

Meanwhile, badass number two WALKS THROUGH THE GODDAMN WALLS into one of the burning buildings, right into the hottest part of the fire and not only shuts off the nat gas pumps, stopping an epic explosion, but pulls a bunch of people out on top of it. Like a whole minute, standing in fire. UNHARMED.

I don’t know who these two are, but they must be fucking bosses to hang out with Blackwolf.

Now, I can hear your QQing before you even say it: “Dude, I didn’t see that shit on the news.” Well, neither did I, because the popos and FD don’t want to be embarrassed being shown up by a bunch of badasses. I KNOW it happened, though, because my boy was there, and caught all that shit on his iPhone. Videos to follow for ye of little faith.

Anyways, on behalf of the people of Chicago, I just want to say THANK YOU to Blackwolf and his crew for helping all those people out. The Wolf Pack, keeping us safe in shitty times!

What's a Little Fire?

Our brave heroes sit talking after a hard day at work only to have Kinetic’s phone ring; a voice screams across the static and sound of debris falling in the background;

JULIAN… tell them Im in here… I’m trapped in the closet!!..”

Her pleading sobbing voice is cut off by a roar and crackling before the line goes dead.

“It’s Ellen,” The doctor exclaims leaping to his feet.

“We have to help her.”

Changing in an instant, bathed in purple fire. He watches impatiently as Blackwolf opens up the cage holding his arsenal. The black figure grabs a basic loadout mere minutes before Kinetic in his rush takes ahold of both of them and races towards the pleading voice leaving a psychic trail within his mind.

“Cameron Lee Industries is chemical testing facility and a radiation stress lab.” Kinetic thinks to Blackwolf.

“Great. Nasty stuff on fire,” he returns as they land amidst the smoke and flame of the larger building.

Mass Affect sitting in his office, feels the whump of force against the glass of his office and sees the towering column of black smoke rolling slowly into the afternoon sky. With an instant he phases into a spectre and begins to teleport to the scene.

Kinetic shield in his telepathic force field, an avoid of purple fire and swirling debris flies through walls seeking Ellen after blasting an entrance hole in the ceiling. Blackwolf shoots out huge chunks of wall and then kicks out an egress for escape.

The team struggles to lift fallen debris off trapped office workers and researches amidst spreading flames, toxic chemicals, cloying acrid smoke and ruptured gas lines.

Mass’s arrival and immense strength helps turn the tide. His arms ripple with corded muscle as he solidifies, growing more and more dense, and begins tossing truck sized debris aside like couch cushions.

While the main research building burns; a fire sweeps through the vehicle maintanance bay to the north and threatens to consume the fuel tanks.

Mass Affect wades into the flames, and grabbing the red hot brand of a T handle wrench is able to secure the fuel pumps. He tears down the southern wall and wades amidst the fire to find even more trapped workers.

Meanwhile Blackwolf takes careful aim at a nearby water tower with his rifle and excises a two foot hole into it’s side. A torrent of water come screaming out from it’s capture only to be imprisoned by purple bands of telekinetic force.

Orbs of water begin to hurtle towards the flames the size of small cars. Dousing the burning buildings.

Treating the wounded Ellen screams and alerts the team to something lurking within the main building. No sign of any intruder remains except a secure research vault door found ripped from it’s hinges. Upon it’s metal face are deep gouges like a knife would make in play doh.

The room beyond, unenterable. The heros find their admission blocked by some form of a charged field however further invesitgation is prevented by the closing presence of security and medical personnel.

The team flies off having rescued 8, including Kinetics unrequited love.


All (3) Standard, Roleplaying, Overall Mission Success.

Protecting Lucy

The heroes patrol the grounds throughout the night, Blackwolf the most discrete in appearance outside and our two costumed heroes talking between the Kitchen and dining room as Agent Reeves brews another pot of coffee.

The senator in his pajamas walks between bedrooms and picks up the sleeping child. Noting the concern expressed by Kinetic he tells him,

“Mrs. Pinchard cannot sleep. She wants Lucy in bed with us,” and returns to the master bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

Across their telepath link the heroes denote the late hour and the need to swap watches. Mass Affect turns incorporeal and exits the house to relieve a fatiguing Blackwolf.

Within minutes, as Mass Affect patrols along the side of the house a bloodcurdling scream is heard from the front. Orange light dances off of the bushes and nearby trees.

Teleporting to the front of the house near the parked vehicles, he sees Blackwolf standing in the front yard drawing his weapon.

“They threw the girl in that black van!” He yells, as he chambers a round.

Three villans come rushing toward the house lit by the funeral pyre of two dead agents at the gate. The battle engages.

Meanwhile in the house, Kinetic flies to the parents room only to find the door locked with the gaurding agent banging on the door.

“Out of the way,” he yells. Pulling on his telekinesis the door is ripped from it’s hinges and into a hundred splintered shards with a fierce crack. The agent rushes in past a catatonic senator while Mrs. Pinchard lies within the bed deep asleep, unphased by the cacophony that surrounds her.

“Three Tangos have taken “Joan” heading southeast exiting the yard," Blackwolf hears the chatter on his TACCOM. Creating confusion as gunshots from the house echo behind him.

As Mrs. Pinchard’s Mercedes, slams into one of the new villains; thrown by Mass Affect. Blackwolf pumps round after round into the mysterious caped figure who nearly killed him at the mall.

In the back Kinetik flies out through the window only to come face to face with a shadowed entity, who’s eyes burn with black fire and claws begin tearing at him through his shield.

A sudden pain behind his eyes strips him of all sight, sound and sense of touch and he falls to the earth as he is ravaged by the dark spectre. Gunshots rain out as Agents attempt to drive the beast away.

The villains in front one by one reach for their rings and begin to vanish amidst the crackle and pop of energy and a sudden intake of wind.

Blackwolf turns and leaps upon the roof. He begins running to the crest to gain vantage to survey the battle beyond only to hear a sibilant whisper within his mind.

“Psymon sais, sleep,” and collapses upon the shingles as though it were a downfilled bed.

Mass teleporting through the house to the back yard sees 2 figures, an older man in black and a young costumed child leading Lucy through a hole in privacy fence. A large white panel van can be seen beyond.

Rushing closer he arrives only to hear the familiar sound of flight that surrounds the villains departure.

Within the van lies a control console and two chairs; a raised circular dais, and a satchel charge beeping with pending destruction.

Mass Affect, pauses as the explosion rips through his insubstantial form destroying 1/4 of the yard, trees and a nearby the house; ripping Blackwolf from his slumber.

Kinetik blinks as his vision is restored, only to see the column of fire rolling into the night sky. He scans the city for any sign of the girl only to find no trace of her.

Searching the wreckage agent Reeves notices Blackwolf pocket something, and demands to know what he has found.

After a terse and tense exchange they find a middle ground and the agent passes Blackwolf his card.

Sirens fill the night sky and people come out of their homes drawn to the late night fire. All around the property dogs bark and bay.


Blackwolf: (2) standard, role play, difficulty, mission failure (-1)
Kinetic: (2) standard, role play, difficulty, mission failure (-1)
Mass Affect: (2) standard, role play, difficulty, mission failure (-1)

Bonus: Gain contact: Special Agent Reeves, FBI, Chicago Field Office

SITREP: 0a120001

SITREP: 0a120001
Subj: Activities around Senator

1. 9 FBI agents were assigned to protect and secure the Senator and his family in the midst of a plot to kidnap his two children (Code names: Joan and Morgana). Command of detail under Agent Revees. (See File #176540).
2. Insurgents tied to the PSI Organization (See File CLASSIFIED). Up to 6 extraordinaires assaulted the senator’s home and in a matter of seconds captured Joan and escaped.
3. At least one of the extraordinaires were tied to the mall incident (Sitrep 0a119996) were Morgana was kidnapped.
4. Joan and Morgana under level 4 surveillance for possible classification as extraordinary. Not confirmed at this point but PSI has targeted EPs (Extraordinary Person) in past for abduction.
5. Incident #1 and #2 involved 3 new potential EPs. Both cases the new EPs were attempting to stop the extractions. Their attempts lacked the cohesiveness of their counterparts. I believe this was the reason of their failure on both fronts.
6. Unknown the relationship between the senator and the 3 EPs.
7. Location of 3EPs unknown. Affiliation Unknown.

1. EPB to initiate level 2 surveillance on new EPs.
2. Label PSI as a potential government threat and increase intelligence gathering.

Big Bad Wolf (8 JUL)
The Blackwolf Weblog!

excerpt from the weblog “BIG BAD WOLF”, 08 JUL 2012 entry:

For the folks who know me:
Ok, bitches, it looks like I can’t even put one post on the forums without it turning into liberal hippie QQ flamefest. So I started my own blog right here so I can speak my mind without a bunch of left-wing freaks interrupting my train of thought.

For the folks who don’t:
This blog is dedicated to the people’s champ, the badass gun dude, the one and only Blackwolf. If you don’t know who this guy is, he’s basically been doing the cop’s job here in Chicago for the last eight months and counting.

But words don’t do this guy justice — check out the original Blackwolf video straight from the security cams of the Bank of America on 18th and South Paulina. In case you aren’t from here, that’s a shitty part of town, and the top six floors of that building are condemned. Why there’s still a goddamn bank on the first two floors — no fucking idea. Ask BofA that. Anyway, roundabout November of last year, bank gets held up by a bunch of thugs. They grab the cash, cops surround the building, and bad guys run up to the top floors. While the popos are dicking around, my boy Blackwolf takes some fucking ACTION.

Thanks to my boy Wolf_Nero619 for setting this awesome footage to music! And most of all, thanks to my boy Blackwolf, cleaning up these shitty streets block by bloody block!

Comments welcome, unless you are some sort of liberal commie scum!


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