Mass Affect


Mason Adams was part of the team at CERN working on locating the Higgs-Boson though, as a BSME, he was considered one of the lesser, supporting team members. Especially in the opinion of one of the lead physicists (NPC Rival). During the set up of the super-colider and through out the experiment, Adams was approached by several representatives of a private technology interest (Hunting org) who was trying to gain access to Top Secret research being conducted by another of the project scientists (DNPC).

As the big moment approached, something went very wrong. The target area of the colider began emitting large amounts of energy. Fearing an explosion, an evacuation was called. As Adams began to exit he looked around for (DNPC) who was working near the troubled area. He returned to the lab to search for her. Hearing him call her name, she called out from one of the evac tunnels. Adams turned to run as the doors began to close. As he neared the tunnel he began to fear that the doors would close before he made it through. Just then a large burst of energy pulsed through the lab. Adams dove for the tunnel as the doors snapped shut… Blinking, he looked up from the floor.

He made it…but…he distinctly remember the doors closing in front of him. He felt the energy wash over his body…or did he. Later analysis showed that the project was successful in finding the Higgs-Boson but the super-colider was a wreck and would take years to rebuild. Lacking the funding, the team split to different universities to continue research. With no real direction, Adams followed the scientist he worked for to Chicago.

Mass Affect

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