Morhrívë, Lord of Sunset


How shall I introduce myself? Courtesy demands I give my name, yet among my kind even a name is not a thing easily given. For a mortal whose banal and finite existence encompasses only a handful of seasons, perhaps one name is enough. We, who are lords of the Sidhe, we are not so simple.

For the season that bridges summer into winter, a mortal may call it autumn, or perhaps fall, and be satisfied. But autumn is not one thing. It is the final sunset of the equinox, when a dying world clinging to the last gasps of summer’s heat slides finally into ice. It is the storm that rides the north wind as winter’s bite sinks into the throat of the Earth. It is the chill of the first frost that freezes the lifeblood and heralds the coming of snow.

Just as autumn is all these things, I am autumn, and I am all these things. I am Morhrívë, the Lord of Sunset. I am Morhrívë, the Suzerain of Storms. I am Morhrívë, the Marquis of Blackwinter, and I am all these things. Will that suffice for a name?

You laugh at my arrogance, and I will laugh with you, for what are such titles in a world like this? Mark. Call me Mark. That will suffice. Now, shall we on to more important things? I have a particularly fine merlot I’d like you to sample . . .

As one of the lesser courts that span the transition of the great courts of Summer and Winter, of the Seelie and Unseelie, the Autumn Court was always a small faction trapped by the machinations of its superiors. Sometimes closer to spring and allies of the Seelie and sometimes closer to winter and vassals of the Unseelie, the Autumn fae, like their season, rode the ebb and flow of the greater courts. Such was the fate of their court and the nature of their beings.

The two luminaries of the Autumn Court were Kraehe, the Princess of Crows, and her twin brother Morhrívë, the Lord of Sunset. Together they were House Helraumo, the House of Blackwinter. Ever serious-minded, Princess Kraehe ruled the court from the lands of the Fae, while her brother was content to dally in the mortal world. As time passed, the gates to the world of man became fewer and fewer, and one fateful day the last wizard died and the last gate closed.

Thus it was that the Twins of Blackwinter were sundered, one trapped in the world of man, and the other left to rule alone in the lands of the Fae.

Then Emerald Star, called Elenin by men, had carved its chaos across the sky, and the hearts and eyes of men were opened again. Slowly, the doors began to open, if only just a crack. Then, beneath the falling leaves of the Autumn Court, Princess Kraehe saw something no fae had ever thought to see again. A wizard had been born. She began to reach through the doors, to pass messages and knowledge, hoping than one day the wizard-born might open a door fully.

It was through one of these doors that Kraehe managed to touch a mind she had not seen in ages, one awash with the mundane concerns of the moral word, but fae nonetheless. It was her brother Morhrívë.

Having long since abandoned his heritage and allowed his powers to wane, Kraehe nevertheless begged him to undertake one last quest — find the wizard. Find the artifacts of the Fae that had been lost to the world of man, bring them to the wizard, and open the doors. Reluctantly, he heeded his sister’s words and left his mortal holdings in Europe, seeking the one whom she told him of.

In the guise of a mysterious foreign investor, Morhrívë eventually ended up in the city of Chicago, where the wizard-born dwelt. Known to the Lord of Sunset were three of the great God-Treasures of the Sidhe. One, Osse Helraumo, the Rod of Blackwinter, was already in his possession. One, Valacirca, the Sickle of Heaven, he found for the wizard. One, Kor-Nolwe, the Ring of Secrets, had already been found.

There, in the shadowed basement of a long-abandoned orphanage, the bearers of the three God-Treasures gathered. There was Morhrívë, the lord of the fae, Night Fletcher, wizard-born and new custodian of Valacirca, and Mindtwister, the mortal professor who had found Kor-Nolwe. In time, they were able to pry open the gate to the Faewilds, and Kraehe looked upon her brother for the first time in centuries.

But Kraehe was not the only one who saw him. Other eyes looked through the portal upon the three, and their gazes were not kind.

Theme: “Palace of Destruction (Arrange)”, S.S.H.

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Morhrívë, Lord of Sunset

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