Doctor of particle movement




It isn’t easy bending reality to the way I see it. I was just happy, no thrilled, to be working the new accelerator project. Who would have guessed a comet could change so much so quickly. That week will be etched in my mind forever.

I had woken up to mass hysteria of the “world is ending”. Most of it was being caused, my best guess, by the ionization of the atmosphere and this comet interacting. I was exhausted and had a migraine the size of the moon pounding behind my forehead and decided to sleep it off. Little did I know I would awake thee days later. My hands were pure black – they almost looked burnt but without the accompanying scars. I remember staring at them and they began getting hot, not warm but like Arizona, burning-up-in-the-desert, hot. I stretched and waved them around wondering what the hell. Now, they felt like I stuck them in the oven. As I ran toward the sink, I reached out for the faucet. Five streams of dark purple fire streaked out and ripped off the faucet causing water to shoot up in the air. Welcome to the wonderful world of extraordinary powers…

I learned my powers over the next few weeks. Strong Telekinetics – flight – mind scanning. Great, I guess these were something I did not add on my resume as other qualifications. Maybe I could do something good with these things? Maybe this mild mannered college professor could be the next superman – brought to reality. Hmmmm, ok maybe I read too many comics but the principle was there.

Kinetic is born. Reality could be bent with just the right thought…


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