Dr. Sebastian Poe

Founder of the Parapsychological Studies Institute


In 1971, Dr. Sebastian Poe, the founder of PSI, published his findings on cerebellic mutations in a government report. He later came before a senate committee to report his findings. Below are excerpts from this lecture.

According to the research which we have completed, positive mental mutations can be classified under three distinct categories: psionics, psychokinetics and psychic manifestations. Psionics are the more ethereal abilities like Telepathic communication or the influencing of another’s will. These types of abilities involve the exchange of psionic energy from one mind to another for the purposes of mental communication, mind location, mind control, etc. For example, a telepath might transmit his thought patterns or draw forth the thoughts of others by channeling them through psionic energy. The same link may be used to alter the thought patterns of another indvidual, producing an effect not unlike hypnosis, though unquestionably more compelling. The energy involved in these exchanges is purely of a mental nature, with no physical manifestations whatsoever. The exchange of this energy is almost always indiscernaible to all but the power user and his target.
Psychokinetics, on the other hand, are the more concrete mental abilities, in which an individual’s will is manifested physically. These types of abilities involve projecting psychokinetic mental energy in many ways that affect or manipulate the physical environment. Psychokinetics include such powers as Telekinesis, Psychic Projection, conjuration or alteration of physical elements. Energy flows from the mind and impacts the physical world. For example psychokinetic power might be used to levitate this pencil or lower the temperature of the room. The range of possible effects is almost limitless. Unlike psionics, the projection of psychokinetic energy is usually discernible by the effect is has upon the physical world.
The third type of cerebellic deviation, that which produces psychic manifestations, is much more difficult to study. Psychic abilities are primarily sensory-oriented. That is, they involve acquiring information that cannot be obtained by any normal, testable manner, and hence, our research is much less conclusive. common expressions of psychic powers appear to be clairvoyance, clairaudience, a heightened sensitivity to impending danger, the ability to acurately foresee the future, etc. Personally , I am far less comfortable with these psychic abilities simply because there is no concrete way to test them in the laboratory; certainly they do exist, but we have been unable to study them in a controlled environment. Thus many people may claim to possess psychic talent, though they may actually be mere frauds.
We have noted there is some apparent connection between psychic powers and energy from other dimensional planes of existence, though again this involves theories and philosophies of reality which are better studied by theologians and philosophers than biologists. Personally, I am concerned that the use of psychics may involve interaction with other powers and entities beyond the realm of human control

Negative press and scientific debate centered around the effect negative mutations by his research would cause. Within weeks dozens of rebuttals were issued to the Senate committee, offering alternate explanations for his discoveries and rejecting his theory of beneficial mutant deviations.

Bereft of funding Dr. Poe’s research was forced underground and had to rely upon criminal connections for funding. 2 years ago PSI was raided. Dr. Poe was found guilty of numerous crimes including kidnapping, illegal human experimentation, tax evasion, and money laundering. Several young children had to be institutionalized after their rescue.

The doctor is currently serving a 53 year sentence in the United States Penitentiary (USP) in Marion, Illinois.

Dr. Sebastian Poe

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