Some people look at these and see bullets. I see opportunities.


In his own words: “I was pararescue for 10 years. 10 years saving people’s lives, then Uncle Sam told me I couldn’t do that no more. Then that damn meteor came by and everyone got phenomenal cosmic powers, except I can’t save anyone with my power. I can only save myself. So I thought, maybe this is a sign. Maybe instead of saving the good people, I should just be killing the bad ones. So that’s what I do.”

Real name is Franklin Hallis, former Air Force PJ (USAF O-3). Injured in a “training accident” and separated from service. We don’t talk about that. Addicted to painkillers due to injury, which actually embedded shards of Elenin in his leg. Pretty pissed at the world, therefore. One day, was in a bank while it was being robbed. Got pissed and shot all the bank robbers, then knifed the ringleader, on camera. Now wanted for murder. Hangs out in back alleys and shady areas like some sort of fucked up vigilante guardian angel. Otherwise, lives in a busted old subway station with an arsenal of guns and a bunch of empty Oxycontin bottles.

His only real social contact is with a wheelchair bound Good Samaritan redhead doctor woman (Dr. Emily Chrisholm) who works in a shitty South Side clinic. She supplies him with drugs out of a wierd sense of pity and responsibility. Got the name “Blackwolf” from a small but growing Internet group of fanboys who actually think being a gun-toting vigilante is a good thing. He thinks they are idiots. Why Blackwolf? He was wearing an old black Battletech Clan Wolf t-shirt when he shot a prominent underworld figure in the street, in plain view, on camera. That vid is still on YouTube, for some reason.

Likes guns and motorcycles. Dislikes people who dislike guns and motorcycles. Talks like his background reads, with a lot of cursing and clipped sentences. Angry, volatile, and in constant pain from his injury. Pops Oxys like that shit is going out of style. Acts like a casual killer, but strongly believes in expedient justice and protecting the weak. Won’t hurt women or children under any circumstances.

Theme Song: “Focus Shift”, Dark Tranquility


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