Champions Chicago

What's a Little Fire?

Our brave heroes sit talking after a hard day at work only to have Kinetic’s phone ring; a voice screams across the static and sound of debris falling in the background;

JULIAN… tell them Im in here… I’m trapped in the closet!!..”

Her pleading sobbing voice is cut off by a roar and crackling before the line goes dead.

“It’s Ellen,” The doctor exclaims leaping to his feet.

“We have to help her.”

Changing in an instant, bathed in purple fire. He watches impatiently as Blackwolf opens up the cage holding his arsenal. The black figure grabs a basic loadout mere minutes before Kinetic in his rush takes ahold of both of them and races towards the pleading voice leaving a psychic trail within his mind.

“Cameron Lee Industries is chemical testing facility and a radiation stress lab.” Kinetic thinks to Blackwolf.

“Great. Nasty stuff on fire,” he returns as they land amidst the smoke and flame of the larger building.

Mass Affect sitting in his office, feels the whump of force against the glass of his office and sees the towering column of black smoke rolling slowly into the afternoon sky. With an instant he phases into a spectre and begins to teleport to the scene.

Kinetic shield in his telepathic force field, an avoid of purple fire and swirling debris flies through walls seeking Ellen after blasting an entrance hole in the ceiling. Blackwolf shoots out huge chunks of wall and then kicks out an egress for escape.

The team struggles to lift fallen debris off trapped office workers and researches amidst spreading flames, toxic chemicals, cloying acrid smoke and ruptured gas lines.

Mass’s arrival and immense strength helps turn the tide. His arms ripple with corded muscle as he solidifies, growing more and more dense, and begins tossing truck sized debris aside like couch cushions.

While the main research building burns; a fire sweeps through the vehicle maintanance bay to the north and threatens to consume the fuel tanks.

Mass Affect wades into the flames, and grabbing the red hot brand of a T handle wrench is able to secure the fuel pumps. He tears down the southern wall and wades amidst the fire to find even more trapped workers.

Meanwhile Blackwolf takes careful aim at a nearby water tower with his rifle and excises a two foot hole into it’s side. A torrent of water come screaming out from it’s capture only to be imprisoned by purple bands of telekinetic force.

Orbs of water begin to hurtle towards the flames the size of small cars. Dousing the burning buildings.

Treating the wounded Ellen screams and alerts the team to something lurking within the main building. No sign of any intruder remains except a secure research vault door found ripped from it’s hinges. Upon it’s metal face are deep gouges like a knife would make in play doh.

The room beyond, unenterable. The heros find their admission blocked by some form of a charged field however further invesitgation is prevented by the closing presence of security and medical personnel.

The team flies off having rescued 8, including Kinetics unrequited love.


All (3) Standard, Roleplaying, Overall Mission Success.


RWByers RWByers

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