Champions Chicago

SITREP: 0a120012

SITREP: 0a120012
Subj: Occurrence in Sector 43a

1. Disturbance reported my local police force (Recording #12a145).
2. Police reported cannibalism and “strange creatures” swarming the area. They open fire in self defense. TAC TEAM 1 was dispatched at this point. NOTE: TAC TEAM failed to beat FBI to scene and had to abort.
3. EPs were sited in follow-up reports.
___a. EP Blackwolf (File EP14567)
___b. EP Kinetic(File EP14568)
___c. EP Mass Effect(File EP14569)
4. Unclear intent as camera’s show multiple attacks on bystanders. QUERY: Get street camera footage
5. The new “Team” appeared after some objective in the old Chinese restaurant (Photo: 12a). Confirmed reports of EP blasting or shooting holes in the building to gain entry. At one point they were held or tharted by “unseen forces”.
6. Shortly after EP’s entered restaurant the area returned to norm state.
7. FBI arrived unseen to cart away EP13543 (See PSI file). Noted second appearance of agent Reeves on scene of EP excursion.

1. Execute full monitoring of EP Team. Request satellite and tech team resources.
2. Query Agent Reeves file


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