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SITREP: 0a120001

SITREP: 0a120001
Subj: Activities around Senator

1. 9 FBI agents were assigned to protect and secure the Senator and his family in the midst of a plot to kidnap his two children (Code names: Joan and Morgana). Command of detail under Agent Revees. (See File #176540).
2. Insurgents tied to the PSI Organization (See File CLASSIFIED). Up to 6 extraordinaires assaulted the senator’s home and in a matter of seconds captured Joan and escaped.
3. At least one of the extraordinaires were tied to the mall incident (Sitrep 0a119996) were Morgana was kidnapped.
4. Joan and Morgana under level 4 surveillance for possible classification as extraordinary. Not confirmed at this point but PSI has targeted EPs (Extraordinary Person) in past for abduction.
5. Incident #1 and #2 involved 3 new potential EPs. Both cases the new EPs were attempting to stop the extractions. Their attempts lacked the cohesiveness of their counterparts. I believe this was the reason of their failure on both fronts.
6. Unknown the relationship between the senator and the 3 EPs.
7. Location of 3EPs unknown. Affiliation Unknown.

1. EPB to initiate level 2 surveillance on new EPs.
2. Label PSI as a potential government threat and increase intelligence gathering.


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