Champions Chicago

Protecting Lucy

The heroes patrol the grounds throughout the night, Blackwolf the most discrete in appearance outside and our two costumed heroes talking between the Kitchen and dining room as Agent Reeves brews another pot of coffee.

The senator in his pajamas walks between bedrooms and picks up the sleeping child. Noting the concern expressed by Kinetic he tells him,

“Mrs. Pinchard cannot sleep. She wants Lucy in bed with us,” and returns to the master bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

Across their telepath link the heroes denote the late hour and the need to swap watches. Mass Affect turns incorporeal and exits the house to relieve a fatiguing Blackwolf.

Within minutes, as Mass Affect patrols along the side of the house a bloodcurdling scream is heard from the front. Orange light dances off of the bushes and nearby trees.

Teleporting to the front of the house near the parked vehicles, he sees Blackwolf standing in the front yard drawing his weapon.

“They threw the girl in that black van!” He yells, as he chambers a round.

Three villans come rushing toward the house lit by the funeral pyre of two dead agents at the gate. The battle engages.

Meanwhile in the house, Kinetic flies to the parents room only to find the door locked with the gaurding agent banging on the door.

“Out of the way,” he yells. Pulling on his telekinesis the door is ripped from it’s hinges and into a hundred splintered shards with a fierce crack. The agent rushes in past a catatonic senator while Mrs. Pinchard lies within the bed deep asleep, unphased by the cacophony that surrounds her.

“Three Tangos have taken “Joan” heading southeast exiting the yard," Blackwolf hears the chatter on his TACCOM. Creating confusion as gunshots from the house echo behind him.

As Mrs. Pinchard’s Mercedes, slams into one of the new villains; thrown by Mass Affect. Blackwolf pumps round after round into the mysterious caped figure who nearly killed him at the mall.

In the back Kinetik flies out through the window only to come face to face with a shadowed entity, who’s eyes burn with black fire and claws begin tearing at him through his shield.

A sudden pain behind his eyes strips him of all sight, sound and sense of touch and he falls to the earth as he is ravaged by the dark spectre. Gunshots rain out as Agents attempt to drive the beast away.

The villains in front one by one reach for their rings and begin to vanish amidst the crackle and pop of energy and a sudden intake of wind.

Blackwolf turns and leaps upon the roof. He begins running to the crest to gain vantage to survey the battle beyond only to hear a sibilant whisper within his mind.

“Psymon sais, sleep,” and collapses upon the shingles as though it were a downfilled bed.

Mass teleporting through the house to the back yard sees 2 figures, an older man in black and a young costumed child leading Lucy through a hole in privacy fence. A large white panel van can be seen beyond.

Rushing closer he arrives only to hear the familiar sound of flight that surrounds the villains departure.

Within the van lies a control console and two chairs; a raised circular dais, and a satchel charge beeping with pending destruction.

Mass Affect, pauses as the explosion rips through his insubstantial form destroying 1/4 of the yard, trees and a nearby the house; ripping Blackwolf from his slumber.

Kinetik blinks as his vision is restored, only to see the column of fire rolling into the night sky. He scans the city for any sign of the girl only to find no trace of her.

Searching the wreckage agent Reeves notices Blackwolf pocket something, and demands to know what he has found.

After a terse and tense exchange they find a middle ground and the agent passes Blackwolf his card.

Sirens fill the night sky and people come out of their homes drawn to the late night fire. All around the property dogs bark and bay.


Blackwolf: (2) standard, role play, difficulty, mission failure (-1)
Kinetic: (2) standard, role play, difficulty, mission failure (-1)
Mass Affect: (2) standard, role play, difficulty, mission failure (-1)

Bonus: Gain contact: Special Agent Reeves, FBI, Chicago Field Office


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