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Are you F'n kidding me

Blackwolf’s TACCOM erupts in a cacophony of strange reports.

“Dispatch, Unit 57 208 in progress, 1 male suspect down request EMS

“This is Dispatch, 10-99”


“Son of … Dispatch this is 57, 57 has 18 in progress. White van, male driver exiting..”

“Sir remain in your vehicle.. oh my god what are you doing.. "

Gunshots, at least 5 tear across the airwaves.

“Dispatch they are coming out of the walls…< more gunshots are heard>”


Blackwolf and Mass looking across at each other realize something more is occuring and race to the car.

Enroute they pass a corner liquor store only to see a young mother walking past have her child ripped from her arms and held as threat to the cashier.

The heroes in an instant decision turn and squeal to a stop. Mass Affect phases from the driver seat into the building. The cashier held as shield looks down to see Mass’ fist pass through his chest. The young thug is slammed backwards into the wall with a sickening crunch.

The front doors crash to the round, raining glass, as the punk holding the child fires a salvo of shells in response to Blackwolfs demands to release the infant. Without a moments hesitation Blackwolf leaps forward disarming him of the child and a staccato of fire sends the young man dancing backwards into the counter; blood erupting from his lips and a fissure opening in his bare chest.

The third felon falls to his knees, with tear streaming down his face begging for mercy.

The duo departs quickly after returning the babe and calming the cashier.

Leaving the store they call the Professor and tell him they are headed to Chinatown; the lone voice of the dispatch can be heard calling for Unit 57 with no response.

Arriving at the scene the heroes are witness to carnage more befitting a saturday afternoon zombie movie. People locked in feral embrace tearing at each other; other civilians beating a bloody mass lying helpless on the ground; and 2 lone officers shooting everyone around them.

Kinetic, having established a telepathic link with his companions, reaches out with his mind trying to find the source of the chaos. His mental shield flashes briefly and then his eyes open;

Small feral beasts stalk the rooftops and windows; people charging the trio face split in twain offering a razored scream of hunger. A police officer, blood streaming out of him like serpents, fires at Kinetic striking him in the abdomen before his shield flares to life. Blood falls from the hovering hero.

Each hero falls into his own nightmare as they battle closer to the center of the source; a small abandoned restaraunt on the corner. The professors mental defenses permit him brief moments of lucidity showing a young raven haired female strapped to a gurney within, but then he is overwhelmed by the horrific visions like a pebble on a beach amidst a storm struck tide.

“Ignore what you see. Get to the restaurant,” he screams across the link.

One by one the heroes begin to succumb to the delerium and the nightmare images only to find what appears to be some form of sick experiment. The young female is riddled with fluid-filled cabling, amidst fallen scientists who seems lost in a dark dream.

Aware of the heroes presence her subconcious begins lashing out with pure psychic force and drops the Professor to his knees. Blackwolf, debating their ability to save the woman, fires a shot in frustration attempting to turn off the infernal machine as dark corpses close in around them.

Instantly, everything shifts. Amidst a pounding pain behind the eyes the view around them softens to the aged and abandoned kitchen.

While Blackwolf renders aid a midst the sirens of life support equipment. Agent Reeves is called and warned of their findings.

“Ill be there in 3 minutes, however, OTHERS are with me.. do not be there when we arrive.”

The heroes leave the battleground mentally and physically drained and rush the Professor to the South Side Clinic.


All (4) Standard, Difficulty, Roleplay, Success


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