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excerpt from the weblog “BIG BAD WOLF”, 08 JUL 2012 entry:

For the folks who know me:
Ok, bitches, it looks like I can’t even put one post on the forums without it turning into liberal hippie QQ flamefest. So I started my own blog right here so I can speak my mind without a bunch of left-wing freaks interrupting my train of thought.

For the folks who don’t:
This blog is dedicated to the people’s champ, the badass gun dude, the one and only Blackwolf. If you don’t know who this guy is, he’s basically been doing the cop’s job here in Chicago for the last eight months and counting.

But words don’t do this guy justice — check out the original Blackwolf video straight from the security cams of the Bank of America on 18th and South Paulina. In case you aren’t from here, that’s a shitty part of town, and the top six floors of that building are condemned. Why there’s still a goddamn bank on the first two floors — no fucking idea. Ask BofA that. Anyway, roundabout November of last year, bank gets held up by a bunch of thugs. They grab the cash, cops surround the building, and bad guys run up to the top floors. While the popos are dicking around, my boy Blackwolf takes some fucking ACTION.

Thanks to my boy Wolf_Nero619 for setting this awesome footage to music! And most of all, thanks to my boy Blackwolf, cleaning up these shitty streets block by bloody block!

Comments welcome, unless you are some sort of liberal commie scum!


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