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Ok, bitches, round two of the blog!

I want to take the time to dispel two common myths about my boy:

1. Blackwolf is just some vigilante killer.
2. Blackwolf is some lone wolf freak with no friends.

Point 1: WRONG. I shouldn’t even have to discuss this, the shit is all over the news. Just google “Cameron Industries Fire” and you can see it yourself. Big fire, explosions, people trapped in buildings while the firefighters do their damnedest to help, but they can’t beat back the blaze.

Who should show up but my boy Blackwolf, blowing fucking holes in the building and dragging people out one by one to safety and giving first aid to the victims. You heard like 10 or 12 people were saved? Yeah, by Blackwolf, not by the popos.

Point 2: WRONG. This wolf runs with a pack. After pulling all these folks to safety, Blackwolf runs out, puts a hole in a watertower with his damn .50 Beowulf, and some badass in a a black and purple suit shows up and SNATCHES THE FUCKING WATER OUT OF THIN AIR WITH HIS MIND OR SOME SHIT and dumps it on the fire. Boom, fire out.

Meanwhile, badass number two WALKS THROUGH THE GODDAMN WALLS into one of the burning buildings, right into the hottest part of the fire and not only shuts off the nat gas pumps, stopping an epic explosion, but pulls a bunch of people out on top of it. Like a whole minute, standing in fire. UNHARMED.

I don’t know who these two are, but they must be fucking bosses to hang out with Blackwolf.

Now, I can hear your QQing before you even say it: “Dude, I didn’t see that shit on the news.” Well, neither did I, because the popos and FD don’t want to be embarrassed being shown up by a bunch of badasses. I KNOW it happened, though, because my boy was there, and caught all that shit on his iPhone. Videos to follow for ye of little faith.

Anyways, on behalf of the people of Chicago, I just want to say THANK YOU to Blackwolf and his crew for helping all those people out. The Wolf Pack, keeping us safe in shitty times!


RWByers SmokeJaguar

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